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Change Logs

Controller Software

    08/30/22 - v1.1.81 Beta:
            Added additional error logging to controller logs.
            Fixed issue with OBD ignition not registering off key position.
    07/12/22 - v1.1.80 Beta:
            Fixed Ignition glitch on intermittent power cycle.
    04/20/22 - v1.1.79 Beta:
            Fixed Brake Pop and Brake Steady for Lightstick.
            Fixed Vehicle Relay and OBD brake to engage and disengage brake function.
            Fixed Good Health message on every bootup. 
    03/12/22 - v1.1.78 Beta:
            Fixed Brake Steady On and Flood for rear modules not showing.
            Fixed controller rolling back to 0.7.5 on boot
    01/05/22 - v1.1.77 Beta:
            Added graceful shutdown when updating controller to prevent shutdown error and rollback to Version 0.7.5 Beta.
            Fixed controller not playing siren tones when USB plugged in.
            Fixed issue with button, relay, and vehicle configs not activating outputs 1 - 8 unless outputs 16 - 31 are also chosen.
            Fixed different flashing patterns with same color configs not taking priority on current button press.
    12/20/21 - v1.1.76 Beta:
            Added de active output functionality with button, relay or vehicle inputs.
            Fixed flood mode brightness carrying over into other mode modules.
            Fixed brightness with relay configs not setting brightness for all modules.
            Added input mode priority. (If same mode programmed for button relay and or vehicle triggers then button will overwrite relay and vehicle mode configs and relay will overwrite vehicle configs respectively).
            Fixed steady on modes (i.e. Turn, Flood and Cut Off) from interrupting flash patterns and brake pop when activated or de activated.
            Fixed virtual buttons on home screen inverting when virtual buttons are active and ignition is powered off then back on.
            Made sure all lights and patterns are cleared if lights are active when ignition goes from on to off.
            Added additional data to diagnostic screen for ignition states.
    10/5/21 - v1.1.75 Beta: 
            Updated OBD parse error when users didn't have CAN module plugged in.
            Update the default of the home screen to be Vehicle Health Good until Feniex Web says otherwise.
            While USB is plugged in it will de-active the Siren and the relay outputs.
            Changed default status on controller to vehicle good. This will only get set to service needed if the Feniex Web account sends it service is needed.
    10/4/21 - v1.1.74 Beta: Added:
            Individual module color selection all Quad products
            Horn Ring
            Hands Free
            De-activate buttons
            De-activate ports
    9/10/21 - v1.1.73 Beta: 
            Addressed ignition display issue.
            Removed temperature from home screen.
            Addressed wifi connection displaying icon issues. Wifi icon was cycling before connecting 100%.

Desktop Software

    09/12/22 - v0.3.29 Beta: Added:
            Handling empty values in config file to correct crashing issue with QSSMs
    4/20/22 - v0.3.28 Beta: Added:
            Fixed QSSM clear tab.
            Fixed Clear button not clearing front interior in single mode flood flashing.
    12/20/21 - v0.3.27 Beta:
            Added ability to copy over programming from one button to any of the other buttons.
            Fixed siren tones not changing when configured to different multi buttons of the same button.
            Fixed issue with vehicle trigger parameters being reset to -none- when switching between vehicle triggers.
            Fixed issue with de active outputs not showing in the left program logs when configured.
            For QSSM configurations all modes and an individual module must be selected before button swatches are shown to configure individual module colors.
            All patterns and brightness configurations are now removed when all colors are manually removed from a bar so these leftover patterns do not interfere with current color patterns.
            Removed auto configuring previously configured bars with saved bar configs when different buttons relays or vehicle triggers are selected since some saved configurations were not showing the proper pattern/brightness select dropdowns.
            Making sure user can not access bar configs, outputs, or any other input config until vehicle type and parameter are selected first.
            When new program is uploaded any previous program logs on the left are now cleared.
    10/4/21 - v0.3.25 Beta: Added:
            Horn Ring
            Hands Free
            Active/De-Active buttons and moved sub navs to top navs.
            Improved polling rate to help detect older versions of controller including back to 0.7.5 Beta.
    v0.3.24 Beta: Initial Release.

Controller Firmware

    v1.0.2: Initial release.

Relay Firmware

    v1.0.1: Initial release.

Siren Firmware

    v1.0.1: Initial release.