• 2018 Highlight Reel

    12 months, 18 new products...endless excitement. Get an inside look at the last year at Feniex Industries.
  • Feniex Launches Public Works and Off-Road Divisions

    Feniex Industries, a manufacturer of innovative, American-made products for emergency response vehicles, today announces its expansion into the public works and off-road industries. Feniex will focus on affordable, accessible solutions for common vehicle needs, including lights, sirens and controllers. Feniex proudly designs, engineers, tests and manufactures its products in the United States.
  • We’re Going Off-Road!

    Feniex Industries released our first Off Road Lightbar late last year. Its called the “AI Series” lightbar and its truly the first of its kind (and has seven patents to prove it!). Now we’re introducing an entirely new division so off-roaders can outfit their entire vehicle with Feniex.
  • Lighting for the Public

    Every company needs a mission. Some companies put it up on the wall and others actually live it. At Feniex we are passionate about ours: manufacturing quality, American-made emergency warning equipment at an affordable cost. Along the way we've met people in other industries that have the same needs. Today we're excited to announce we're now manufacturing products for Public Works.
  • The Hammer

    The Hammer isn’t just a low frequency siren, though: it’s an all-in-one system that includes a built-in siren, amplifier and speaker. The system receives siren tones, reduces them to 1/4 of the incoming frequency then replays them through the 6'' speaker. The result is powerfully clear and consistent dual-frequency outputs. Simply put, the Hammer is the most advanced low frequency siren on the market.