Easter Egg Hunt, Feniex-Style

    It's time for an Easter Egg Hunt: Feniex style. Find all (12) easter eggs hidden on our site for the chance to win a $300 Feniex gift card!
  • An American Story // Hamza Deyaf

    We believe in the American Dream. Hard work, determination, persistence. That's our story, told here by our founder Hamza Deyaf.
  • Tech Talk Tuesday // Episode 4 // Builds for Volunteer Firefighters

    Listen to our experts, Kyle and Andrew as they discuss the best setups for volunteer firefighters who are looking to upfit their POV. Learn about vehicle packages, common installation questions, and go over some common misconceptions on single vs dual color.
  • Join The Crew (Be a Feniex Ambassador)

    Whose ride would you like to see our lights on? Nominate your favorite YouTube or Instagram person to join The Crew, Feniex's new ambassador program!

    Feniex AM24k Beacon

    That's right, for a limited time only we will be offering a 24k Gold plated AM 600 Beacon. Tired of driving down the streets of Dubai with no one looking at your new beacon, well that's about to change with the release of the AM24k.
  • Tech Talk Tuesday // Episode 2 - Titan 30W Siren

    Listen in to our experts Kyle and Andrew as they introduce the new Feniex Titan 30w The Titan 30w Siren is an integrated all-in-one siren/speaker and is the perfect Siren for police motorcycles!