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Geo Series 40'' Arrow Board
Geo Series 40'' Arrow Board


<< barColor >>
  • All Red
  • All Blue
  • All Amber
  • All Green
  • All White

  • Half Red-Blue
  • Half Red-White
  • Half Red-Amber
  • Half Blue-Amber
  • Half Blue-Green
  • Half Green-Amber
  • Half Amber-White

  • Alternating Red-Blue
  • Alternating Red-White
  • Alternating Red-Amber
  • Alternating Blue-Amber
  • Alternating Blue-Green
  • Alternating Green-Amber
  • Alternating Amber-White

The Feniex Geo Series is a line of the most affordable, effective American-made lighting for utility vehicles. Based on patented technology we engineered for first responders, the 40'' Arrow Board is ideal for any D.O.T., traffic, construction or tow vehicle. The Geo Arrow Board features left, right and center-out arrow patterns as well as standard warning patterns for maximum visibility, safety and traffic flow.

  • Input Voltage: 12 Volts DC
  • Current Draw: 5 Amps
  • 48 High Power 4-Watt Cree LED’s
  • Cable Harness: 10 Feet
  • Made in the USA

  • 1x Geo Series Arrow Board
  • 4x Bolts
  • 4x Locking Nuts
  • 4x Washers

  • 5 year warranty
  • 60° light spread optics
  • Left, right and center-out arrow patterns
  • 16 warning patterns
  • 4 arrow patterns per direction
  • Built-in surface mount hardware
  • Rugged aluminum housing
  • Made in the USA

Great For:

Fire Engines, Utillity Trucks, Tow Trucks, Street Sweeper

Light Stick Customer Reviews

Adam Bishop, Pierre, SD

Its one of the sleeker and more tasteful arrow boards. Preforms wonderfully, no complaints here. Excited to see what other public work products Feniex will come out with in the future.

Chris Patrick , Moosic, PA

This arrow board has tons of flash patterns and will definitely stop traffic. It was really easy to install. If you haven’t checked out the catalogs on the website, you should, that’s what really sold me on this product. Great price great product.

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