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Geo 400 Lightstick


- None -
  • - None -
  • Headliner Bracket + ($10.00)
  • L-Bracket + ($5.00)
  • Window Mount Bracket + ($8.00)
  • Universial Side Mount + ($15.00)
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  • All Red
  • All Blue
  • All Amber
  • All Green
  • All White

  • Half Red-Blue
  • Half Red-White
  • Half Red-Amber
  • Half Blue-Amber
  • Half Blue-Green
  • Half Green-Amber
  • Half Amber-White

  • Alternating Red-Blue
  • Alternating Red-White
  • Alternating Red-Amber
  • Alternating Blue-Amber
  • Alternating Blue-Green
  • Alternating Green-Amber
  • Alternating Amber-White

High quality, affordable and made in the USA: good luck trying to find another light stick that can promise all three. The Feniex Geo 400 is slim, low-profile and incredibly bright with 60 degree LED optics for off-axis viewing (aka visibility in any weather). Interior or exterior mount, the Geo 400 is weatherproof so the choice is yours. Choose from 4 brackets and 16 colors.

  • Input Voltage: 12 Volts DC
  • Current Draw: 5A
  • Cable Harness: 10 Feet
  • Made in the USA

  • 1x Geo 400
  • 2x Bolts
  • 2x Nuts
  • 2x Washers

  • 5 year warranty
  • 60° light spread optics
  • Mounting options (sold separately): Headliner Bracket; Single L-Bracket, End-Cap Mount
  • Syncs with: Fusion Surface Mount; Fusion Mirror Mount; Fusion Spoiler Mount; Fusion 1X and 2X; Cannon; T3; Wide-Lux
  • Rugged weather-resistant enclosure
  • Made in the USA

Great For:

Fire Engines, Utility Trucks, Tow Trucks, Street Sweeper

Light Stick Customer Reviews

Mathew Barber

The Geo 400 is much brighter that I thought it would be at such a competitive price. The material is sturdy and build to last. I was worried it wouldn't be build to last in the snow, due to all the hard chemicals but I haven't seen any corrosion yet.

Liam Foster

I added two Geo 400's to my tow truck and I feel much safer having it lite up when I am on the side of the highway. The level of comfort this light brings is outstanding. I highly recommend it to anybody doing road side work.

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