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Standard Foot Mount
  • Standard Foot Mount
  • Adjustable Foot Mount + ($99.00)
  • Permanent Mount + ($25.00)
  • Headache Mount + ($25.00)
Hook Kit: FN-5016
  • Hook Kit: FN-5016
  • Hook Kit: FN-5116
  • Hook Kit: FN-5216
  • Hook Kit: FN-5316
  • Hook Kit: FN-5416
Geo Series Light Bar
<< barColor >>
  • All Red
  • All Blue
  • All Amber
  • All Green
  • All White

  • Half Red-Blue
  • Half Red-White
  • Half Red-Amber
  • Half Blue-Amber
  • Half Blue-Green
  • Half Green-Amber
  • Half Amber-White

The Feniex Geo Series is a line of the most affordable, effective American-made lighting for utility vehicles. Based on patented technology we engineered for first responders, the 60'' Geo light bar features exactly what every tow truck needs: high-performance, reliability and features streamlined specifically for public works. Includes stop/tail/turn lights, work lights and cruise mode.

Includes Standard Mount

  • Input Voltage: 12 Volts DC
  • Current Draw: 18 Amps
  • Cable Length: 15 Feet
  • 60 High Power 4-Watt Cree LEDs

  • 60" Lightbar w/cables
  • Standard Feet

  • 5 year warranty
  • (18) 60° light spread optics: 14 amber, 2 work lights, 2 stop/tail/turn
  • 14 flash patterns, including steady-on and cruise (corner modules)
  • Certified polycarbonate lens: anti-cracking, anti-yellowing
  • Rugged, aircraft grade alumninum chasis
  • Waterproof 3M triple-bubble seal
  • Optional extended cable length
  • Mounting options: Permanent or Strap Mount
  • Made in the USA

Great For:

Volunteer Fire Truck, EMT Ambulances, Fire Engines, Tow Trucks

Lightbar Customer Reviews

John Jacobs, MI

Very bright light that makes my job so much easier with just a touch of the control pad and then I can get to work knowing I have work lighting along with the safety of. The strobes to keep motorists from behind and in front from coming to close. I’ve noticed it almost works a little to well and causes people to be attracted towards me due to the power of the strobes. The traffic advising feature allows me to go into the middle of a lane adivert traffic around.

Ryan Burns


Quality you can see and trust. I trust Feniex I have used their T3 and cannons in the past. The price is cheap but the quality is not. Love the 5 year warranty, and the custom build a bar

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